The loan is available for 15 years.

Today, I’d like to tell you about the terms of the sunshine loan, but the damage from the coronavirus continues to be prolonged, making economic activities difficult and living more difficult than before.

Due to this situation, the damage to small business owners and self-employed people is inevitable, and those who work are also losing their jobs due to the company’s financial difficulties. If there is no sign of further increase in income or income, and if you are worried about household loans and insufficient living expenses, please get some help through sunshine loans.

Sunshine is a government-backed relief 비대면폰테크 loan product that can be used by workers, self-employed people, freelancers, and even low-income people, low-credit people, and young people.

If you need money for living urgently or are currently using high-interest loans, you can apply for a product that reduces the burden on financial costs such as high-interest loans and debts and further improves the quality of your life.

To explain the government-backed sunshine theory in more detail, those who had difficulty using institutional finance due to low personal credit ratings or low income due to the system that provides loans at low interest rates through guarantees from the Korea Institute for Public Finance and Credit Recovery.

It can be a good alternative for those who had difficulty getting a loan due to the difficult loan conditions of the commercial banking sector, but the conditions are not that difficult. There are mainly sunshine for workers and self-employed people, and sunshine for young people and college students, and there are also items for the lowest credit holders.

It is not a Nonghyup Bank, but a product that can be used by the Agricultural Cooperative Federation and the Regional Agricultural Cooperative Federation. For workers, they belong to those who work for more than three months, earn less than 35 million won per year, or have a credit rating of 6 or less.

The limit can be up to 10 million won, which is applied differently depending on the CSS grade, and can be used for three or five years, and is repaid in equal installments.

It is carried out through mutual financial institutions and government funding with guarantees from the Public Finance Agency and the Local Credit Guarantee Foundation. If you are an office worker, you must be in office for at least 3 months and you can apply when your income is less than 35 million won a year. Alternatively, you can apply if your credit rating is between 6 and 10 and below 45 million won per year.

The loan limit can be up to 15 million won and the interest rate is applied within 7~9% of the variable rate. The loan period is 3 or 5 years, and the repayment method is to repay the principal equally. The prepayment fee does not exist separately.

The Industrial Bank of Korea’s Sunshine Youth is a low-interest loan for college students and young people. It is implemented through the guarantee review by the Korea Institute of Public Finance, and provides long-term repayment of livelihood funds for young, college, unemployed, and beginners.

College students aged 19 to 34 with an annual income of 35 million won or less, students on leave, and those who are using the credit banking system can borrow from within 6 million won to up to 12 million won per year, and can use it at a fixed rate of 3.5% per year.

The loan can be used for 15 years, and the repayment is made through equal installment repayment of principal and the grace period can be granted according to qualifications.

You can apply for the product at a commercial bank, but it is not a low interest rate support system because it is a loan for the lowest credit who has no choice but to use more than 20% of high-interest loans. However, it is easy to use if you meet minimum standards such as job and income, so it is good to use as a solution for those who are burdened with high interest rates.

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