the impression of Chanel cosmetics staff

I’m going to post about the gift I received from Chanel Cosmetics today.
As you know, I have elementary school students in Goe-eul, and I like cute things, so I am more interested in gifts other than cosmetics than cosmetics. For example, he’s a friend who’s interested in things like Chanel pouch, Dior pouch, Diorkiring.
I received the letter of Chanel event at Lotte headquarters, and I sent it to the Chanel cosmetics staff in Goeul to organize the necessary items in advance. The reason is that when you visit Chanel cosmetics event, you can overlap with many people, so you need to prepare in advance, so you will pay and go. He asked me what I needed to get a sample…I asked him to take care of something that Dani would like rather than a sample.
When I visit the department store at Lotte headquarters, I set up a luxury store to hear, and I promise to the staff in advance.

I got only Chanel shopping bag at the time, and I came home and opened it
Chanel Cosmetics + Cosmetics Sample + Chanel Pouch purchased by Goeul
All cosmetic samples, two cosmetics pouches, and three Chanel cosmetics purchased by Goeul are under the picture, and the rest are samples from the Lotte head office Chanel. I was so impressed that you took care of your little gifts without forgetting Dani. I guess that’s what she does.
The ones on the left are a gift from Chanel for Dani. I think you’ve collected it.
I solved it, and it contained the following.

Chanel sticker Chanel Kiring, Chanel Mini Lipstick, Chanel Mini Lip Balm, Chanel Mini Body Cream, Chanel bracelet that elementary school student Dani would like.
Of course, some of the things up there have already been received. Isn’t Chanel’s mind too pretty?!Chanel Mini Body Cream is cute in shape. I thought it was a chording, although Dani is mature.

It’s from Chanel, and it’s called 레플리카 Chanel bracelet, which is a Camelian-shaped Chanel bracelet, and the original function is to spray perfume and wear it like a bracelet on the wrist. If you sprinkle the chance you bought and wear it on your wrist, the fragrance will spread softly. It’s a thin thread, so if you wear it 2-3 times, you’ll throw it away, but it’s a special Chanel bracelet gift for Dani.

Chanel vip Black Birthday Gift- I got it for Chanel Cosmetics.
Hello, it’s the evening.Today is a posting on the 2021 Chanel vip Black birthday gift gift.

I’m an elementary school student who wants to be pretty. So Dani often wears high-end lipstick, and she gives me Chanel Lipstick Chaneltint, and I ask you to apply it instead.
Chanel lipstick on the left, Chanel tint on the right.

All of them are mini sizes, which compare the size of the regular chanele lipstick that Goe-ul has. All of the luxury cosmetics have mini lipsticks, making the most popular representative colors.
If you are worried about color, you will be able to choose the most representative color and buy it and find what suits you.

Minisize is the same size as Diormini lipstick, Gelanmini lipstick, and Ypsaeng Laurentministick. Compared to size, they have Goeul’s little finger next to them. It’s like a little finger.
The characteristic of Chanel Lipstick is that there is always a C-chanelogo in the silver or gold metal style above, and this Chanel Lipstick is not the upper part, but the lower part!The top says that’s like number 58.
Usually, when you open the lipstick lid, it comes out like a picture on the right, and this chanel lipstick comes out the other way around

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