In the case of electric-powered annealing, it is necessary to cut off the electricity for safety before changing the cloth.

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Even if the space you want to install is large, you can cover it with one skylining.
You don’t have to split it into two separate spaces.
After completing, you can see a neat and simple appearance.

The tent of the skylining, called the sunshade, is made of durable cloth.
Because it is treated well to withstand pollution, you can use it for a long time without any deformation.

Skyning can be installed in a curved arch.
It’s an arch-shaped building, and the lights are attached to it to create a fascinating atmosphere.
It is used for special large-scale events such as outdoor wedding halls and banquet halls.

The skylining is well-drained and well-treated with water and pipes, so it drains well.
Even if it rains a lot, there is a low risk of damage due to the water flowing into the anning.

The open and closed skylining is an automatic facility system, so you can open and close it in some cases.
It is customized by opening and closing only one side or opening and closing from left and right.

You have to remember it! Basic information on how to construct an annealing cloth.
When you change the cloth of an anning with a lace that covers the sun, you have to change the lace first.
First of all, changing the lace and then changing the main fabric is the right construction method.

If there is not enough room for an annealing or if there is a structure like a light underneath the annealing,
The roller tube that enters the annealing must be removed.
Put the roller tube on the floor, change the fabric, and attach the roller tube again.

If you change the cloth while the arm of the anning is fixed, you have to loosen the pieces on both caps.
If you loosen the piece and pull the cloth to one side, the cloth will be easily separated.
When you change it into a new cloth, you can try to reverse the order in which the cloth is separated.

In the 스카이어닝 case of electric-powered annealing, it is necessary to cut off the electricity for safety before changing the cloth.
It is essential to find the short circuit breaker and keep the switch OFF.
You have to remove the insulation tape and separate the electric gears and wires.
If a store name is engraved on the earning cloth, this part should be raised when inserting into the roller tube.
Then, you can balance both sides and wash them well.
If the fabric is tilted to one side, loosen and tighten the screws inside the front bar to balance.

It blocks UV rays from stores, houses, terraces, and even changes the atmosphere at once. Earning and tent!
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10 years of know-how in the earning & tent industry! Satisfactory construction is possible with long experience and stable skills.
The reasonable cost of earning & tent construction! Customized estimates and self-production reduce the burden on construction costs.
In particular, the customer’s satisfaction is high because it is possible to construct an earning & tent that meets the requirements.

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