Welcome. Master Sparring everything.

Let’s get started! April is here. Cherry blossoms are blooming, the weather is warm, and it rains in spring.
It’s the season I want to go somewhere, but you’re going somewhere because of Corona.
However, if you exercise while following the quarantine rules through exercise, you can improve your immunity and build up your physical strength.
Do a good exercise! That’s Jiu-Jitsu! Jujitsu is Jujitsu!!
The number of jujitsu is in the morning. 11:30 a.m.!!
The attendance rate is low these days. But there’s always a lot of colored belts.
It’s a very, very good environment for exercise. Color belt black belt anyone want to exercise in the morning
Welcome. Master Sparring everything.
He’s coming from many different places. The best gym ever!
But fortunately, how many people are there in the evening? Yes, you do.
There are many white bands, but there are many blue bands.
He’s coming to work out from all over the place.
Hot place sports restaurant jiujitsu restaurant jiujitsu
In the evening class, Wormguard using Lapel is good at this skill, so you can learn in detail.
Lapelgard, if you’re curious, please visit us.

Regardless of age, it is very important to learn how to learn jujitsu.
Jujitsu correctly learns Jujitsu and the diversity of Jujitsu Principles of Jujitsu
I’m telling you everything from what I’m trying to approaching.Athlete’s hopefuls, Jiu-Jitsu player, mma player, etc.
I always welcome those who want to 주짓수 learn how to play jiu jitsu. Of course, novices in jujitsu are always there.
I kindly help you become a master.
Other gyms only want white belts or kids.
Wouldn’t you be that insecure about your skills?
In Jiujitsu, worm guards are basic!!
I was sparring only at the gym, but I feel good because it’s been a while.

It’s hard to set up the frame because it’s wrapped up so that you can’t take out the heavy pressure shrimp. It’s hard to lose weight due to pressure. It’s a sense that you can’t feel when sparring with colored bands.

I was surprised that Lu was strong. Lu is kind of like Gracie Jujitsu. He has little movement, but when an opponent attacks, he eats overhooks or underhooks well, is good at armcrank omo butterflies, gas sweeps, etc., and if he is passed, he recovers immediately with minimal shrimp extraction.

I used to weigh a little heavier than I did before, but I gained some weight and got stronger than I thought, so much than I thought. Especially, I almost got hit by a sudden gilotin.

You and I had a fun flow roll. We tried to set it up for each other. It was fun.
Help everyone practice easily!
Jujitsu doesn’t have classes on weekends, but he collects people to exercise through the band and holds an open mat.
We can build friendships, share skills, and have a fruitful weekend.
There seems to be a lot of people working out on weekends.
Start exercising in Jujitsu in April, which is a good spring to exercise.

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