Summary of How to Use Subordinate Apartment Mortgage

I think it is a big goal of life.

I don’t need to move around, living in comfort with my family

I’m the one who’s the most comfortable

It can be a big asset.

Most of them are usually bought at the time of purchase

Most of the purchases will be the case.

Because apartment prices are expensive in Korea,

It is difficult to buy an apartment and it is not easy to actually buy

Everyone knows that, and even after the purchase

You’re gonna need money for a lot of things

I have an existing apartment mortgage, so I get an extra

Do you know that it’s a money distribution?

I think there are more people who do not know than I thought.

So I used the apartment subordinated mortgage

Many of them are available for existing amounts and additional use

It’s also a product that you’re interested in.

A few days ago, I also received an application for a mortgage loan.

But there are so many kinds and I have no idea what they are.

I will write down the contents of the summary while I am looking into the details.

Those who have never applied before are unknown

The various companies and the many products that are applied there are very difficult

I thought you could feel it.

Then, I will divide it by type with application from now on and look at each.

Subordinate apartment mortgage?

Literally, in bank, it is already in use as the prioritization

in the range that the market price comparison set amount is not much exceeded

I’m talking about an additional product that you can get. If you write it down easily

After the bank gets the money, leave the banknote

You can think of it as an extra.

Subordinate apartment mortgage loans are somewhat difficult to proceed in 1 financial sector

2 It is possible to apply in the financial sector. Currently, it has creditworthiness,

It’s being applied differently according to the price. It’s so simple and

It’s an easy product, but it’s true that there are some differences between companies

As the conditions vary, the product content tends to change a little

It’s a really difficult product to compare by yourself if you’re not an expert.

I will try to explain the 폰테크 conditions through simple cases.

success example

1. The first case is that a person named K owned an apartment of about 420 million won based on KB’s market price;

The apartment price is 60%, which is 320 million won and 3.5%.

Of course, I thought it would be impossible to add additional money,

14.54%, 32 million won, 12.3%, 68 million won, 21.45%

The monthly payment was about 2.2 million won, which was a difficult situation.

I am in a situation where a monthly salary for a good worker is spent.

He contacted me for a moment, and as a subordinate product,

You have received all the balances and have provided additional funds.

The monthly repayment method is about 940,000 won per month,

It was able to be greatly reduced. The rating also had a three-step increase.

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