It was a more heartwarming time

I love getting my body cared for, 스웨디시 Have I lost my mind for a while.. She skipped kindergarten and went on a trip every week It’s called Pencance, but I went and had a meal, swam with my child, and didn’t get any rest. For the past three months since March, I took care of myself (if I were a blind mother, not a blind mother) and got sick, so I went to the Gwangalli massage shop with my mother who came back from an examination in Seoul. It’s my mother’s favorite place because it gives me a really beautiful ocean view, so I went there with her and did a great daughter-in-law cosplay

It didn’t end up being pretty during the Gwangalli massage, but the hand taste was so good, so I went there once and said let’s go, but my father collapsed and went to the hospital. Then I thought I’d help her feel better because she wasn’t feeling well, but she really liked it

It is on the block corner of Hotel Central Bay on the main street, and the Beau Thai massage can be parked in the original parking lot right next to the public parking lot after one block, and it is supported for 2 hours. Gwangalli is a place where parking is difficult, and I like it even more because it is a Gwangalli massage shop with a lot of free parking

The entire floor is occupied, so when you get off the elevator, you’ll see the front door. There was a small sofa that I could wait for, so I sat here and waited a little bit

For your information, the price of the Butai massage is like this~
I take care of the Thai course with stretching and acupressure, and the aroma course with aroma oil, and I think about it every time because I like both of them. If the pressure is too strong, it’s Thai, and if it’s not too strong, it’s just right~

The interior is not that big, but there won’t be many Gwangalli massage shops with an open ocean view of Gwangan Bridge from every room. As soon as I enter the room, “Wow~” sounds so beautiful that I recommend to include it at the end of the date course

It’s green inside, so I can’t travel abroad for too long, whether it’s Southeast Asia or Gwangalli massage shop I’ve been dying to go out, but it’s so tempting to go to such an exotic place

Footbaths are generally small, but they’re quiet and cozy, so they’re good for couples or for mothers and friends I felt uncomfortable in busy places These days

In every corner of Yatten, it feels like I’m on a trip to Thailand, so I didn’t go in right away and took some pictures I loved this place so much that I boasted to my friends who used to live in Busan to go there~ But everyone knows I think it’s been about 10 years here. Wow~ I didn’t know

I didn’t know last time I went to the hook house after getting a hook, but there are a lot of things ready to clean up with the cosmetics in front of the bathroom~ lol I didn’t know when I got home because I was an old lady.

When I went into the room, the open sea was really wide~ I actually live in Haeundae, but the sea is so beautiful whenever I see it~ Yatten, I can see the sea at a glance and I can’t help but admire it, If you put it on the date course and take your girlfriend with you, she will love it~

Then when is the best time to go for Gwangalli massage! I have to think about it~ I’m sure some of my neighbors are planning a date course~?

The Butai massage is the most beautiful from sunset. There are times when the lights of Gwangan Bridge turn on one by one~ When you enter, starting with the pink sky, the light starts to turn on one by one, and if you glance in the middle of care, it becomes dim and when the light comes on, it’s so beautiful. For dinner, I recommend you to eat a little late on this day or have a half-way runner

There is also a basket where you hang your clothes and put your bags and props on the floor~

The thick and comfortable topper is covered with a completely Thai pattern cover and comes with a gown and disposable underwear

He even prepared warm tea for me to drink if I was thirsty, but I couldn’t finish it before the treatment What should I do with the cover when I’m eating

Most cafes don’t have a view like this, but it’s really worth it

The manager came in after enjoying the Horolop Horolop. I really liked him last time, so I hope he’s here again~ I did. Was it him? Am I wrong? I don’t know, but the taste of your hands is amazing

My mother is also lying down and taking a rest, but what I felt while I was going here and there to get care is that when I lie down on my back, my face turns to the side. Because I have to breathe? But surprisingly, there weren’t many places where two pillows could help you breathe.

I felt less stuffy even though I kept wearing the mask because I was lying down with this green pillow up and the big pillow down

Every time I go to a beauty Thai massage, I take a lot of pictures to show off to Mr. Kim’s men~ Think about lying on Topher and looking at that view~ Isn’t it really too much to stir-fried ham~? Why did you settle down so well

I was so excited that I took a selfie
If you’re on edge with Yeochini, I’ll go to the bathroom to take a selfie Let’s get out. Tell him you’ll take a picture. He’ll become your boyfriend

I sent my child to kindergarten and went there during the day, but it was a shame that she was prettier at night. I told my boss when I left, and the kids are coming to get Gwangalli massage too!

The mother is getting care, the child is next to you, or the kids really like taking care. I heard that some of the customers bring their 6-year-old daughter often! Wow~ Yes, I can go with you because I always massage my son’s legs~

Your face keeps changing… I took a lot of pictures. I guess I was so happy to be a free wife after a long time

It was a more pleasant time because the manager, who is not good at Korean but is so pure and bright, was sad that he would relieve me a lot, saying, “How much does it hurt?”

Next time, I will definitely take my kid and get it together~ If you go on a date here, make sure to put it in the course~ It’s really hot healing!

If you’re looking for a really good Gwangalli massage, the beauty Thai massage I’ve visited twice is really good~ Highly recommended

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